Will Liz Truss be removed as PM?

October 13, 2022 24 Views

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Liz Truss may be set to lose her job as Prime Minister. Barely a month after defeating Rishi Sunak in a contest for leadership, the Truss government faces disaster. Markets have tanked and the British economy is on the brink of disaster and recession. With Truss weakened, rivals like Rishi Sunak might be ready to grab the top job. Mint’s Shashank Mattoo explains the crisis of confidence in the Truss Administration. He explains the UK’s growth crisis and the disastrous budget unveiled by Kwasi Kwarteng that triggered this crisis. Mattoo unpacks the dissatisfaction with Liz Truss among MPs, the media, and the general public. He also looks into the possibility of Truss losing office and whether her rivals, like Rishi Sunak, can replace her. #liztruss#rishisunak#uk

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