Universal Hovercraft – UH-18SPW Hoverwing™ Flying Ground Effect Hovercraft

October 16, 2020 386 Views

Hovercraft in style. Powered by a 4-cylinder automotive engine, the UH-18SP is everything you’d ever want in a hovercraft. It was designed for people who love to play. For the family that gets together for fishing, skiing, cruising and all-around fun, this is your vehicle. The UH-18SP will take you places other craft have never been. Convert your UH-18SP hovercraft into the 18SPW Hoverwing™ in less than twenty minutes and fly up to 10 feet high over waves, rocks, beaches and fields in ground effect. The wings roll up and can be stored aboard the craft for easy transportation and rapid deployment. The UH-18SPW Hoverwing™ is the only ground-effect hovercraft to be released as a plan or kit. Ground effect hovercraft operates over any terrain while cruising at an altitude of 4 to 12 feet.

Home made from plans available thru Universal Hovercraft.


New hybrid creations including the 18SPW Hoverwing®, 19XRW Hoverwing® and newly test flown TW-1 combine hovercraft and ground effect technologies expanding the potential applications of hovercraft and ground effect craft now and in the future.

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