UK Press Censorship ✧ Journalism Under Fire

January 11, 2021 487 Views

Resistance GB 7.37K subscribers The illegal suppression of the press by the Johnson regime is now out of control. Unless the free press is restored, there can be no democracy and our country can only go to an extremely dark place. Police continue to operate with complete contempt for the Law, which makes our job nearly impossible. UK Press Card Authority permits are not required by law and so they cannot be demanded. Please share this as widely and possible so people can see the full extent of the criminal conduct of the regime which rules over them. Featuring footage from Subject Access & Tyrant Finder…… Access Media:… —- Thanks for watching the video. If you’d like to show your support – please like and share, and feel free to leave your comments. Subscribe for more content, uploaded regularly – and hit the notification bell to be informed when new videos premiere so you can join in the chat. Fancy buying us a drink? All donations greatly appreciated! * Buymeacoffee:… * Paypal: Also find me on other sites, including alt-media: * Subscribe: * BitChute:… * Twitter: * Gab: * LBRY: UK Press Censorship ✧ Journalism Under Fire

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