The Weird, MYSTERY FRUIT! #BlackSapote 🍈 #ChocolatePuddingFruit

December 9, 2021 805 Views 43.2K subscribers

What’s with the WEIRD fruit, the Black Sapote? What does it taste like and what is it good for? Join me in this insightful learning adventure with Mr. and Mrs. Mack on this mystery fruit 👉 Watch Next: Meet The NUTMEG MAN… A few weeks ago I met up with Ms. Junie in the market selling this weird fruit, she called it the Saporte then. And when I say weird it is an understatement. On the outside it looks like any other fruit perhaps closest to a star apple, but cut the ripe one open and if you don’t have a strong stomach you’ll likely throw up! Yes it looks that disgusting! I got curious and quizzed Mrs. Junie who, after sharing testimonies of its astounding health benefits, she agreed for me to visit her to learn more about it! Well that I did! And today I have this full video, not only showing you everything about the plant (tree) and the fruit (ripe and green), but also its amazing health benefits! Prepare for an invigorating learning adventure. #SapoteFruit ———————————————- ✔️OTHER ‘MUST-SEE’ VIDEOS ———————————————- 🔗 The Nutmeg Farm Tour:… 🔗 The Jamaican Herb Tour:… 🔗 The Montego Bay City Tour:… 🔗 100% Organic Farming In Jamaica:… 🔗 How To Make PURE Jamaican Castor Oil:…

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