The video TVJ tried to take down. How MEDIA destroys JAMAICA.

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Jamaican Media is exposed by a journalist. Why BAD NEWS SELLS? Nonsense Debunked again with this episode and I’d like to break down a few examples specifically from JAMAICAN MEDIA to illustrate how local media destroys Jamaica and we shall also look at the reasons why bad news sells better than good news. Is it true to say that when it comes to journalism bad news is good news? Support us on Patreon 🔴 CHAPTERS 🔴 00:00 Introduction (NEW) 02:43 Why Bad News Sells 06:27 Media VS Reality 09:30 Bad News Top Sellers 11:17 Who Pays for It 15:26 Local Media Sample 1 (NEW) 18:40 Local Media Sample 2 (NEW) 22:01 Local Media Sample 3 (NEW) 27:35 Yellow Press? 29:09 Local Media Sample 4 (NEW) 37:19 Freedom of the Press 39:28 Unethical Journalism 41:56 Journalism and Crime 45:42 What to Do with Bad News 🔴 REFERENCES 🔴 ▶ Negativity Bias and Relief………) ▶ How cortisol influences our addiction mechanism… ▶ Can you be addicted to Cortisol? Learn about Eustress vs Distress… ▶ Stress and the Brain… ▶ What we die from (US Report)… ▶ What we die from (Jamaican Statistics)… ▶ US Crime Statistics… ▶ Freedom of the Press… 🔴 LOCAL MEDIA STORIES MENTIONED 🔴 ▶ Smile Jamaica Episode Examples of a good local media story ▶ Shooting Spree in Montego Bay Inaccurate and Unethical reporting ▶ Crime Coverage 2017 Inaccurate and Unethical reporting ▶ Crime Coverage 2021 Inaccurate and Unethical reporting ▶ Abducted and robbed in a Taxi Inaccurate/Fake/Not News reporting ▶ Mother seeking justice Extremely Unethical Journalism–eUg ==== Stay in touch ==== Stay in Jamaica with me Faceboook: Instagram:

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