The U.K. is becoming an Authoritarian State under Home Secretary, Priti Patel

August 24, 2021 438 Views

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The Home Secretary is a bully. She has been accused of bullying in three separate government departments and was found guilty of bullying by a Cabinet Committee resulting in compensation payments of £395,000. She has persistently broken the ministerial code throughout her ministerial career. Whilst at the Foreign Office working under Boris Johnson who was then Foreign Secretary, she visited Israel claiming to be on holiday and held at least twelve meetings with senior Israeli government officials including the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Neither the British ambassador in Israel nor the prime minister Theresa May knew about these meetings. She again broke the ministerial code by writing at least twice on behalf of a friend in order to secure a PPE contract for £102.6 million for masks which were supplied at double the benchmark price. She is pushing through legislation which will give the Home Secretary or the police the power to stop any demonstrations at will if judged to be making too much noise or causing annoyance. Those who resist will be liable to imprisonment for up to ten years. Other legislation will make whistle blowing a criminal offence as well as publishing articles considered critical of the government. This will included the government having the power to control the movements and association of certain named individuals without reference to the courts. She seeks to punish any asylum seeker arriving in the UK without permission with up to four years in prison. She also seeks to extend laws which currently apply to paid people smugglers to everyone so that offering any assistance to asylum seekers, even saving them from drowning, will become a crime punishable with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. She is ruthlessly pursuing a course which will lead to the U.K. becoming a fascist state where any dissent will be illegal

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