The Perfect One Story Cabin House – 2 Bed – 2 Bath – Amazing Floor Plan!

August 31, 2023 14 Views


Old World Garden Farms 27.6K subscribers <__slot-el> 615,035 views Mar 20, 2023 A walk through of the 1000 square foot one story cabin house that is inspiring our latest cabin project at our farm! 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, full laundry room and a wide open living space with kitchen – including a big screened in porch with triple sliding accordion doors that open off of the main room. We rent this AirBnb property located in Buda, Texas every year in the winter for a month to write for our websites – and it has become our favorite floor plan ever! We are now planning to build a replica here this summer with a few Ohio modifications, including a fireplace or two! You can check out all of our DIY projects on the website at… Old World Garden Farms

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