Steamed Fish with Okra (Jamaican Style)

August 24, 2023 74 Views

Racquel’s Caribbean Cuisine 95.4K subscribers <__slot-el> 486,300 views Oct 17, 2021 Steamed Fish is commonly serve in Jamaica, it’s on almost all restaurants menu, it’s simple but loads of healthy stuff, and only takes about 25 minutes to prepare. Virgin Coconut Oil    • How to make Coconut oil at home // Vi…   Ingredients Red Snapper Fish, or any Fish your prefer 1 dozen Okra (more or less) Pumpkin & Carrot (chopped) Garlic & Onions (chopped) Scallion & Thyme Scotch bonnet pepper (whole) Pimento Peppers (if available, for flavor) Bell Peppers and Potatoes (optional) Butter Coconut oil (optional) Salt Black pepper Fish tea soup mix or Pumpkin soup mix Mix Seasoning blend: A combination of seasoning a throw together for myself. Garlic powder, jerk Seasoning, dried parsley & Thyme, a bit of Cajun seasoning. Please note (any fish or all purpose seasoning could be use) Thank you for watching 😊

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