Should JAMAICA leave the QUEEN and become a REPUBLIC?

May 6, 2022 84 Views

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Is Jamaica really independent? Why is Jamaica still a Monarchy? Let’s look at Pros and Cons. Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State in Jamaica. However, there have been a lot of talks about removing the Queen and turning Jamaica into a Republic. How much power does Her Majesty really have when it comes to Jamaica and what is this power. Are there benefits to having the Queen for Jamaicans, and if so, what are they? With this episode we shall look at pros and cons of having Constitutional Monarchy vs Republic for Jamaica. ▶ Support us on Patreon 🔴 CHAPTERS 🔴 00:00 Introduction 02:02 Political Science and Definitions 05:25 Is Jamaica REALLY Independent? 09:30 The Commonwealth 12:42 Queen as the Head of State 16:02 Power: Legislative 19:09 Power: Executive 24:08 Power: Judicial 28:17 Arguments for Monarchy 33:29 Arguments for Republic 38:35 Conclusion 🔴 DOCUMENTS 🔴 ▶ Jamaica Constitution, 1962… ▶ Jamaica Independence Act 1962… ▶ West Indies Act, 1962… 🔴 USEFUL WEBSITES 🔴 ▶ Houses of Parliament ▶ The Queen ▶ Governor-General… ▶ Jamaican Court System… ▶ Commonwealth of Nations… ▶ Privy Council… ▶ Caribbean Court of Justice ▶ Political Science information for the Caribbean… ▶ Jamaica Information Service……… 🔴 BOOKS & Articles 🔴 ▶ The Queen’s Other Realms: The Crown and Its Legacy in Australia, Canada and New Zealand by Peter Boyce (2008-10-01) ▶ Views on different types of Constitution… ▶ The Commonwealth Realm and Republic… ▶ Barbados drops the Queen…… ▶ Trinidad and Tobago Story…… ▶ Australia Story… ▶ Jamaica to become Republic, 2012… ▶ Articles and Comments in Jamaican Media……https://constructedthoughts.wordpress…………… Running out of space.. ==== Stay in touch ==== Stay in Jamaica with me Faceboook: Instagram:

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