Rasta Cant fade

October 4, 2022 231 Views

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This Video “Rasta Can’t Fade” is in honor of all people that stand for a just cause against injustice. The movement of Rastafari are those people as a whole spiritual and physically. There can never be change with out revolt internally or externally. So great veneration to all people and groups that find the courage to stand for what they believe or know that is right. Rasta Can’t Fade Rasta Can’t Fade : Vocal: B. Mackenzie (Jahriffe JAH-N-I Roots Movement) Produce by: Circadian Riddims Mix By : Phillp ErathKry Mcfarlane Mastered By: Kavayah Sounds Art Work: Leon Allen Shaat Yaad Video Directed by: Alex Fort


SONG Rasta Can’t Fade (feat. Jahriffe) ARTIST JAH-N-I Roots Movement ALBUM Rasta Can’t Fade (feat. Jahriffe) LICENCES Get YouTube Premium Music

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