People of the Trees (Full Episode)

January 6, 2021 784 Views

Do they have the right to preach to them? And Wye ?

Travel the Road 10.1K subscribers Beyond the known world and deep in the jungles of New Guinea, missionaries Timothy Scott and William Decker, seek to make contact with a remote and mysterious tribe known as the Korowai. Their mission begins as they outfit an expedition party and set off into the forest in search of uncontacted settlements. Trudging for days through flooded jungles and dense bush, the team finally reaches the first of the remote Korowai, and in seeing their tower tree houses and primitive way of life, the missionaries know they have come upon a culture that is rare and forgotten in modern times. As Tim and Will present the Gospel in each village, they witness every Korowai settlement open to the message and pray to receive Jesus. For days they minister and teach the Korowai, all while venturing deeper into the unknown regions of the jungle, and it is here, near the end of their mission, that the team will have one of the most remote tribal encounters of their lives. check out more videos at:

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