March Muses // Adding A Splash Of Colour

November 22, 2023 158 Views

10 Days 81 subscribers 1,233 views Nov 30, 2020 This is our first Christmas Advert for an amazing brand who make Ornaments of Colour – March Muses We made it from idea to finished film all in 10 days. We are so proud! What we show to our children is the world they believe in. We believe in a Christmas that includes everyone. Find out more at: or Insta Creds: Client: March Muses – Natalie Duvall & Alison Burton All-in-one Agency: 10 Days Director: Jolyon White DP/ Editor/ Colourist: Dominick Soar Producer: George White Wardrobe & Make-up: Francesca Duvall Sound Design: Dominic White Music: Through Children’s Eyes by Nathan Duvall & Dominic White Cast: Daughter: Olivia Duvall Mum: Natalie Duvall Dad: Daniel Dubier With special thanks to: Owain Pennington from Yannis Konstantinidis from Nomint Animation

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