Macka B’s Wha Me Eat Wednesdays ‘Vegan Wild Rice Sushi Recipe’

August 4, 2022 96 Views

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Macka B’s Wha Me Eat Wednesdays ‘Vegan Wild Rice Sushi Recipe’ LIMITED OFFER! Personalised Macka B Health Is Wealth POSTER signed to a name of your choice… Please leave a comment below and share Follow Macka B:… Lyrics: This vegan sushi is my choice So I’m going to use wild rice Most recipes rice vinegar you’ll find But for my sushi I’m going to use lime Cook the rice as you normally would Wild rice takes longer so make it cook good Add the lime and mix it around Then put it one side to cool down The next stage after that You need a bamboo sushi mat It helps but if you haven’t got that You’ve got to improvise with something you’ve got Put the bamboo mat down flat Pon a clean surface tabletop Put a Nori sheet on top That’s dried seaweed if you didn’t know that Seaweed in all of its glory Spread the rice pon top of the Nori Leave a gap at the top of the sheet To seal the roll when it’s complete Next is the filler can be whatever Use your initiative be clever I’m using avocado and cucumber Spring onions and sweet pepper Cut them up and put them together Place them at the lower quarter Now roll using your finger And seal the end with a little water Last thing get a knife Cut it once in half then twice Cut it again until you have 8 Last thing put it on the plate A Wha Me Eat Wednesday Yes Iyah #WHAMEEATWEDNESDAY#VeganSushi#mackab#sushirecipe#wildrice#vegan#veganwildricesushi#mackabrecipe

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