Lt. Stitchie – Wear Yu Size (Official Video)

May 4, 2023 268 Views

Lt. Stitchie 7.34K subscribers 579,751 views 11 Jan 2018 Lt. Stitchie new album “Masterclass” available • HERE ☛ Wear Yu Size by Lieutenant Stitchie (1987) Label : Jammy’s Records Dr. Lt. Stitchie, the Dancehall Governor: Reggae Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Lyrical Lexicon, Author, Speaker & Teacher… Bookings etc. +1876.371.6761 FOLLOW LT. STITCHIE ● FACEBOOK ☛ ● TWITTER ☛ ● INSTAGRAM ☛ ● WEBSITE LT.STITICHIE ☛


SONG Wear Yu Size ARTIST Lieutenant Stitchie ALBUM

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