Local Farmers, Local Fish: Shrimp

October 13, 2022 35 Views

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Fowler, Indiana, the home of RDM Shrimp, LLC., is the first stop we made on our quest to find farmers throughout the Midwest to help us better understand the diverse industry known as aquaculture for our Local Farmers Local Fish video series. Join IISG staff as we learn how shrimp are raised indoors from shrimp farmers, Darryl and Karlanea Brown. To find more episodes, visit eatmidwestfish.org. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ILINseagrant/ Twitter: @ilinseagrant https://twitter.com/ILINSeaGrant Instagram: @ilinseagrant https://www.instagram.com/ilinseagrant/ Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant: http://iiseagrant.org/ If there are closed captioning issues with this video, please send us an email at iisg@purdue.edu.

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