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Natural living, paradise created by a German Mrs. Gisela Braun. Nestled in the hills of Westmoreland. Her website: FOR SPONSORSHIP SUPPORT AND BUSINESS ENQUIRIES CONTACT: Whatsapp# 8769192082 BUY ME A DRINK OR DONATE AND SUPPORT ME TO PAYPAL:… WATCH ALL VIDEOS BELOW FARMERS IN JAMAICA- ALL VIDEOS… COMMUNITY| VILLAGE TOUR IN JAMAICA… ELDERS| OLDER PEOPLE IN JAMAICA… CHAT JAMAICAN LIVE SHOWS… CHAT JAMAICAN MIX… CHAT JAMAICAN MUST WATCH ALL… ACCOMPONG MAROON TOWN SERIES| TOURS… BEST OF CHAT JAMAICAN WITH TANIA… PATREON- SUPPORT ME BY BECOMING A MEMBER (CLICK AND CONNECT)… SUBSCRIBE to Chat Jamaican with Tania:… LIKE and do not miss the latest of CHAT JAMAICAN on FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM PAGE:… Chat Jamaican with Tania is an educator who wants you to know more about Jamaica and the way to go financially. Support the channel by subscribing and watching all the videos. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING CHAT JAMAICAN –‘ LIKKLE MORE’ #ChatJamaicanwithTania

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