JCDC 2019 Jamaica Festival Song Finalist – Alley Bless – “Queen Jamaica”

December 10, 2020 414 Views

JamaicaFestivalSong JCDC 3.87K subscribers Kingston native, and natural-born vocalist, Alero “Alley Bless” Perrier discovered her undying love for music at a tender age. Recognized for her emotive vocals, Perrier’s musical roots are diverse; she would experiment with drumming as young as 3-years-old. She later dabbled in harmony, providing background vocals to acts such as Joan Flemmings and Sister Pat. Perrier is also a past member of Vauxhall High School Choir, and credits her experience in a locally televised high school choir competition with helping her to embrace her God-given talent. She is currently Praise and Worship Leader at the Fire Anointed Healing & Deliverance Ministry, and regularly partakes in outreach programs to aid those in need across Jamaica.

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