JC Lodge – Giants of lovers rock 2022 – LIVE at the INDIGO O2 Arena, London – October 15 2022

October 30, 2022 328 Views

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Saturday night at the Indigo O2, London – JC Lodge Live on the ‘Giants of Lovers Rock’ show. A massive line-up of 27 artistes, each given only 8 minutes to perform over roughly 4 hours – Orlando, the promoter said after her performance ‘Only 1 person managed to do an album in 8 minutes!’. Despite a couple segue glitches you might notice, give thanks to the band for accepting and accomplishing our challenge to them – of squeezing 6 songs into those eight minutes, ranging from her Lovers Rock hits ‘Stay In Tonight’ and ‘Time For Love’ to her Reggae biggies ‘More Than I Can Say’, ‘Make It Up To You’, ‘Someone Loves You Honey’ and of course ‘Telephone Love’ – with only 1 very limited rehearsal whilst backing a host of other acts.

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