JAMAICA VLOG. Why I live in Jamaica. 10 Reasons I love Jamaica.

September 26, 2020 949 Views

I moved to Jamaica in 2014 and it exceeded all my expectations. With this Jamaica VLOG I’d like to share my 10 reasons why I live in Jamaica. What if you could choose to live in any country in the world? What country would you choose? I personally chose Jamaica. When people find out- they usually go, WHAT?? WHY??? And that includes Jamaican people too, they don’t understand and get suspicious, like: “what is your interest in Jamaica?”. So, I’ve decided to film this Jamaica VLOG to explain WHY Jamaica and give you the exact

10 reasons I love Jamaica. Below you will also find the full list of criteria I used when choosing a country to relocate. This is a list of the reasons why you should move to Jamaica:

  • 1. Climate
  • 2. Ocean
  • 3. Ecology
  • 4. Health
  • 5. People
  • 6. Safety
  • 7. Women’s Rights
  • 8. Language (English)
  • 9. Business Opportunities
  • 10. Freedom

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