How To Place A Static Caravan On Your Land.? Need Planning Permission..? You’ll Be Surprised

May 6, 2022 238 Views

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Do You Need Planning Permission To Put A Static Caravan On Your Land – Support The Small Farmer Life @… for as little as the price of a cup of coffee, all Patron pledges are really appreciated. Thanks If you are thinking of getting a Static Caravan to put on your land you may want to watch this whole video…! You will be surprised by what the answers are and how it’s done. I will tell you what you need to know to put one on your land…? Starting your own small farm can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. The more you are clued up around the planning laws the better you will be prepared for when the councilors or local authorities come knocking..! It’s all online and in your local planning policy and national planning, policies read them and read them again. Do not pay for a planning consultant they will never get your application passed the first time as it is not in their interest to do so. The more they do and meetings they go to, the more they are paid and once you’re in deep thousands even tens of thousands it’s hard to back out. They are maybe useful for listed buildings or protected areas apart from that you can learn all you need to yourself. Then you will have that knowledge for life. It took the planners 8 months to send me an email to tell me I was right and that the price I paid £79 was correct and not the extra £366 they wanted to process my application. The excuse was that they sent the email to a colleague and they forgot to send it to me…? Why they did not send it straight to me is beyond me. Don’t trust everything they say. Many of them know what they are talking about but as many of them don’t and just waste time this was for an 8-week process..? Knowledge Is Power, The More You Know, The More You Will Win…! You may be interested in watching this video and also Subscribing to “The Small Farmer Life” if you are thinking of starting your small farm and quitting your fulltime job to live your dream. #staticcaravanplanning#livingonfarmuk#farminguk You can also check out my other social media accounts @ https://thesmallfarmerlife.com

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