How To Create Your Own Bank With Infinite Banking – Episode #163 w/ Marvin Mitchell

November 24, 2023 105 Views

Social Proof 513K subscribers 156,061 views Sep 2, 2021 Over the last decade Marvin Mitchell has been blazing the trail of teaching others to create their own funding sources. As a symbol of hope, first college graduate in his family and one of the youngest individuals ever to have a prominent role at a prominent financial firm, he has quite the story. With over 180 units of real estate in his portfolio and his family bank as a tool, he is the definition of having built the social proof needed to help others. In this episode we discuss : – The power of a WEALTH CREATION ACCOUNT. – How to ensure that your money never goes DOWN only UP. – Why financial firms don’t offer you alternative strategies to ensure your money will work for you. – When to snap the “ I have to be frugal” mindset to maximize your earnings. – The key differences debtors, savers, and wealth creators. – How you can control your FAMILY TRUST FROM THE GRAVE. and so much more! Learn The Tricks Used By The Rich TO build Wealth with this link***… Become a part of our Patreon Family :   / davidneversleeps   Join David’s Morning Meetup For Just $1 Follow Marvin on IG :   / marvinmitchellofficial   David on IG   / sleepis4suckers   Show Notes 00:00 Podcast Preview and Sponsored By 01:15 Real Estate Commercial 02:21 People Becoming The Bank 04:44 Introducing Marvin Mitchell 08:14 Working On Wall Street 12:13 Don’t Underestimate Who’s Watching You 19:34 The Education System 23:00 Scarcity Mindset 27:03 The Lamborghini Loophole 31:56 The Secrets Of The Ultra Wealthy 39:13 Commercial Break 40:05 Wealth Creation Fund 44:57 Life Insurance 57:35 Prepare The Child For The Way or Prepare The Way For The Child 1:05:51 Commercial Break 1:10:43 Podcast Prediction 1:12:55 Podcast Principles Timestamped By @TheYouniversityLive

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