How to Choose Your Flow Hive

November 21, 2023 46 Views

Flow Hive 226K subscribers 55,466 views Mar 9, 2021 Tutorials Are you asking “which Flow Hive is right for me?” This video will cover each of our Flow Hive models: – Flow Hive Hybrid – Flow Hive Classic – Flow Hive 2 – Flow Hive 2+ 0:00 Intro 0:50 Flow Hive Classic 1:07 Flow Hive 2 1:31 Flow Hive 2+ 2:21 6 Frame vs 7 Frame Flow Hive 2:50 Timer option: Araucaria vs Western Red Cedar 3:32 Flow Hive Hybrid 3:53 Flow Super We offer a great range of products for new and existing beekeepers. To stay up to date, join here: Happy Beekeeping from Flow Hive! Website​ Facebook   / flowhive​   Instagram   / flowhive  

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