History of Roots Tonic : Jamaica’s Cure All Drink | Documentary

July 29, 2021 559 Views

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SIGN UP TO RECEIVE UPDATES FOR NEW VIDEOS, ARTICLES, PLANT BASED RECIPES, BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS, AND FREE GIVEAWAYS FROM KONCIOUST.COM https://ineverknewtv.com/sign-up/ Jamaica’s Cure All Drink ‘Roots Tonic’ | Documentary ‘I Never Knew Tv’ is proud to present our second documentary exploring Jamaica’s ethnomedical heritage of making Roots Tonics. Roots Tonics are herbal remedies made with herbs, roots, and plants. Roots Tonics are said to heal everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction. For those interested in Dr. Missions Colon Cleanser, you can order at: http://drmission.org/index.html Discount Code : ineverknewtv For those of you interested in ordering roots tonics from Spur Tree/ Bro.Trevor, you can contact him at +1 (876) 331-0623 Check out these roots and herbs: Chaney Root, Sarsaparilla, Soursop Leaf, Mauby Bark, Blood Wiss, Strong Back, Moringa, Guinea Hen Weed, Search Mi Heart, Bissy, Maca Roots, Yerbamate leaves, Medina, and Ra-Moon Bark. Please remember to share your thoughts in the comment section👊🏿 Give thanks !! Tune into ‘I NEVER KNEW 📻’ https://www.WLOY.org EVERY SUNDAY @9am – 11am EST 🇬🇳Roots, Rock, Reggae Music🇬🇳 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ineverknewtv FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/INEVERKNEWTV Roots Tonic | Jamaica Documentary #rootstonic#jamaicadocumentary#ineverknewtv

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