Fruits For The Poor

October 7, 2021 202 Views

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Planting trees is an excellent idea. They offer environmental benefits, helps prevent soil erosion, are home to various wildlife, offer shade and beauty and if all that is not enough they are sources of income. As the government seeks to increase the economic well being of its citizens and boost food security it has launched a national tree planting initiative. Planting fruit trees is also a great initiative. Since then a number of organizations and individuals have bought into this move. One such organization is food for the poor, the largest charity group in Jamaica. Marlon Samuels has more on how the organization is sowing the seeds of self-help and food security. #FoodForThePoor#FoodSecurity#PBCJNews Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. The Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica or PBCJ carries as part of its programming: Coverage of events of National and Regional Interest Dissemination of Balanced News, Current Affairs, Information and Ideas on matters of general public interest.

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