Do Blind Persons Cry Tears? | JAMAICAN Blind Man Shares Real Life Experiences

February 3, 2022 321 Views 48K subscribers

He’s BLIND but not CONFINED. These are the stories and testimonies of Robert ‘Bunn’ Lawson. 👉 Watch Next: NO HANDS, NO PROBLEM:… Do blind persons cry? How do they choose clothes to wear? Do they find that people are more condescending to them because of their blindness? Do blind persons have any sense of color? These are among the 10 questions I put to Uncle Bunn, a gentleman who has been blind all his life. His answers will ASTONISH you! And there’s a bonus! His wife, also fully blind, joined in the conversation, and later both treated us to some soothing music, him on the guitar while his wife sings! Quite inspirational! Here’s the link to share this video with your friends:…#blindman#Doblindpeopleseeblack? #jamaicanblindman ———————————- 💡 FAQ’s, SUPPORT, CONTACTS & COMMUNITY 💡 ———————————

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