BLACKSKIN-Tarshea Williams

July 20, 2021 458 Views

My/our ancestors when through enslavement, hate, abuse, debauchery, malignancy, taken from our homelands, ripped from family and loved ones etc; all this at the hand of another race because of and for greed, power, wealth and entertainment.

This Song takes me back and causes awe and wonderments! Biggest question “WHY”? My answer there must be something very very special about the Black Race why we are so hated, maligned and abused by others. I almost believe there is a level of SUPERIORITY of the Black Race to all other Race…..but then that view would defy all men are made equal in the sight of the God whom I serve.

I hope this little synapses of history will keep us grounded; jars our memory and so we won’t forget. By: Tarshea Williams

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