Bahamas Spearfishing and Capsized Boat | 1. Road Warrior Life

October 1, 2021 250 Views

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We headed over to Grand Cay Bahamas out of the Boynton Beach Inlet in Florida. Weather was even worse than expected and we had a 7 hour ride from hell. Ended up we were the lucky ones as many others turned around, broke their boat, and even capsized. The crystal clear waters loaded with sea life were worth the journey, and we enjoyed 3 days of spearfishing, eating fresh fish, and living the Island Life. On the way home we had calm seas and spotted a capsized boat which was a reminder of how lucky we really were during our crossing on the way over. As always, thanks for watching! Please give us a thumbs up and Subscribe. We love to hear from others so leave a comment and let us know about your experiences. As we prepare to be full-time Road Warriors our lives have become hectic. Managing work life with selling and donating nearly everything we own, with Caro moving into my place with her 2 dogs, to trying to figure out how to afford this dream life and purchase a trailer and truck. We thank you for your love and support and if you feel compelled to help us along the way please check out our Patreon Page. Patreon allows fans and friends to contribute to our journey by pledging a dollar amount per episode created and in return you get the fuzzy good feeling of helping us and some other cool perks! You can connect with us on Instagram @RoadWarriorLife_US

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