ART MasterClass by a JAMAICAN Master Teacher. ft. Clyde Clarke.

February 3, 2022 390 Views

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Turning WASTE into ART. I’m hypnotized by a GIFTED ART TEACHER who should be WORLD FAMOUS! Seriously, you will want to become an ARTIST after watching this! ► Support us on Patreon ► CONTACT Clyde Clarke Please email us to contact Clyde Clarke if you wish to become his agent or can help him with marketing his works. We’ll pass on your message to him! Just set the subject of the email as “Message for CLYDE CLARKE” Clyde Clarke is a Master Teacher from Jamaica who’s been using his gift teaching ART in Jamaica for over 40 years and inspired hundreds of Jamaican children. He was also the teacher of some internationally recognized Jamaican artists. I was lucky to have the privilege of doing this interview with Clyde Clarke, so we can all get ART MasterClass by this Jamaican Master Teacher. 🔴 CHAPTERS 🔴 00:00 Introduction 02:19 Paper Mache Masterclass 07:43 Sculpture Masterclass 14:48 What is Art? 22:06 Painting Masterclass 27:37 Career & Students 36:40 Art & Nature 43:48 Culture & Inspiration 50:40 Art in Jamaica 59:08 How to appreciate ART 🔴 REFERENCES 🔴 ►……… ==== Stay in touch ==== Stay in Jamaica with me Faceboook: Instagram:

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