“Another Way” Documentary Film Trailer

November 17, 2020 765 Views

Taking the UK Government to Court to end the illegal lockdown

The Govt’s handling of Covid-19 stripped the UK public of what makes us human , arts , culture, social interaction. All that makes life worth living was torn apart . The “Arts” was locked down . But there was “Another Way”
Simon Dolan and I take a journey to Stockholm Sweden , where we find a country that dealt with the virus differently . No lockdown , no masks , schools open , dealt the same hand but handled differently , saving “The Arts” .

Media Enquiries
Fair usage credit ; BBC – ‘Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow’

Taking the UK Government to Court to end the illegal lockdown and bring those responsible to account. #KBFRoom 101crowdjustice.com/case/lockdownl…Joined July 2009294 Following83.8K Followers

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