Ana Vee – “HAWAI’I” (Official Music Video)

August 21, 2023 13 Views

Ana Vee 6.58K subscribers <__slot-el> 1,614,473 views Oct 25, 2019 Spotify:… Apple Music :… iTunes:… Connect with ANA VEE website: Video Shot/Directed By: Sharvis Ortega Edit By: Sharvis Ortega Artist: Ana Vee Music Produced By: Leslie Ludiazo Lyrics Written By: Ana Vee Starring: Madee Akee-Lota, Camille Feary, Payton Oliviera, Spencer Ramseyer-Ho, Stanton Ramseyer-Ho, Kayzn Ramseyer-Ho, Kruz Ramseyer-Ho, Kalei Watson, Kaina Watson, Shaedon “aka”Malina,Tehere”Pomai”Kekauoha,Journey Kekauoha-Viena,Jourdyn Kekauoha-Viena

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