A History of Britain – The Humans Arrive (1 Million BC – 8000 BC)

February 17, 2023 190 Views

The Histocrat 398K subscribers 2,909,348 views 4 Aug 2018 #StoneAge#Britain#History -DISCLAIMER- I initially made this video as part of a fun hobby project without thinking it would get this much attention. I used a bunch of other peoples artwork and music to do it and as such this video is not monetised in any way. If you are the owner of any of the content in this video please get in touch via my email address included in my channel info. In this first episode we go back to the very beginning of human life in Britain. Note: The exact identity of the human species found at Happisburgh is a little more up in the air than this video makes it sound. Currently academic consensus looks to be moving towards Homo antecessor as the correct identity, however the stone tools found at Pakefield and Boxgrove are almost certainly from Homo heidelbergensis. This was simplified to Homo heidelbergensis in the video for the sake of brevity. Homo heidelbergensis may also have been ambush predators on top of scavengers and fishers. #History#Britain#StoneAge

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